Rivet Nut

In sheet metal application where the thickness of the plate is very less, and where tapping is not possible, nut is welded to achieve joint application. To replace this nut, Rivet Nut is an ideal application.

Placing of Rivet nut

In sheet metal where rivet nut is to be placed, first pre-drilled hole is made depending on the body dia of the rivet nut. In the pre-drilled hole, rivet nut is placed and tool is activated. Then the rivet nut is assembled on the sheet metal and joint is ready to use.

Advantages of Rivet Nut

  • Threads are not damaged while placing and hence re-tapping in not required, thus reduces wastage.
  • Rivet nuts are quicker and easy to assemble and reduces assembly cost and increase production.
  • Assembly of rivet nut is simple and does not require any inspection after placing.

Types of Rivet Nuts :

Rivet nuts are available in different designs such as,

  • Hexagonal body
  • Square body
  • Large flange head
  • Countersunk head
  • Closed end

Material of Rivet Nut :

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
Special type of rivet nuts to suit particular application are also available.