Although The Classic Group now boasts four companies in UAE and India, the Group started very humbly in the year 1990 on a mere 2000 sq ft plot in Sharjah. Mr. Shabbir A. Shaikh, Managing director and founder, started a small scale business - Classic Metallic Sheet Factory to manufacture wire-winding cardboard reels. His dedication, diligence and vision led him to develop new products and he eventually diversified into manufacturing various kinds of fasteners and aluminum sections.

The company saw enormous growth through the 1990’s and The Classic Group became synonymous with impeccable quality and outstanding customer service. In 2004, with the boom in the construction industry, Mr. Shabbir, supported by his two sons, Mr. Hussein and Mr. Moiz, saw a business opportunity in manufacturing aluminum profiles and together they started a new venture – Classic Extrusions LLC.

Furthermore, in 2005, they developed Classic Fastening Systems Pvt. Ltd in their home country, India to manufacture and supply precision fasteners to the engineering and automotive industry. 

In 2008, The Classic Group embarked on their most ambitious venture, a Cold Forging plant to manufacture Stainless Steel and Alloy Steel Fasteners.