Aluminium/Aluminium Bulb Type Rivets


MATERIAL: Aluminium / Aluminium
HEAD: Dome
TYPE: Bulb

Bulb Type Blind Rivet

This type of rivet consists of Al - Alloy body material and steel mandrel is also of A - Aolly material with slit on body of the rivet. After placing on the components the rivet form like flower formation on the rear side and gives wider bearing area.

This type of rivet is used in low strength material and is suitable for wide grip range. Ideal for use in plastic application.

Rivets are available in different diameters and length depending on application.

(Dimension in mm)

Drill Size Hole Size Grip Range 
Rivet Size Head Dia D Rivet Dia 
Head Thick-ness K Rivet Length L Rivet P.No
4.10 4.10 0.5-3.0 4.0 8.2 4.0 1.5 14 ALAL(D-B)4014
  4.20 0.5-7.0         19 ALAL(D-B)4019
4.90 4.90 0.5-4.0         15 ALAL(D-B)4815
  5.0 0.5-9.0 4.8 9.8 4.8 2.0 21 ALAL(D-B)4821
    3.5-12.0         24 ALAL(D-B)4824

Strength Parameter
 Rivet Size Shear (Min) Kg - F  Tension (Min) Kg - F
 4.0 60  100
 4.8 80  110