Aluminium / Steel

Rivet Brief

At Classic Fastening System rivets are manufactured to the highest quality standards -

  • The rivets are installed from one side only hence called blind.
  • Blind Fasteners is a mechanical device which has the capability to joint the components of various thickness depending on the length of rivets.
  • During the operation of placing the rivets the mandrel is gripped by jaws of the setting tool and is pulled into the body of the components.
  • The end of the mandrel has an upset head which forms the tail, which locks the mandrel into the upset portion of the rivet body.
  • This upset portion of the rivet holds the work pieces together.
  • When assembly reaches a predetermined tension the mandrel breaks off and high strength vibration free joint is formed.
  • Even though the setting force of the rivet is strong no strain is caused on the work pieces of different hardness.

Advantages of Rivets

  • The rivet are installed from one side of the work piece hence need for access to the other side is eliminated.
  • The use of single drilled or punched hole filled with expandable high shear rivet offers increase in design strength.
  • Rivets are quicker and easy to assemble and hence offer lower installed cost.
  • Rivets can fit diiferent grip ranges of the components and can lower inventory.
  • Rivets can be effectively fastened on dissimilar material due to controlled expansion of the rivet.
  • The special type of RIvets can be used in design that requires vibration, leak and pressure resistance. When rivet is fitted properly, the rivet body expands within the hole and fills up the hole and plugs the hole from the instrusion of moisture, gases and liquids.
  • Rivets with Countersunk head for flush formation of rivet or large flange for greater bearing are are available depending on application.
  • Rivets with various colours to match the application are available.
  • For higher requirements of strength parameters, rivets with steel body and mandrel are available to suit the application.
  • For requirements of corrosion resistance rivets with stainless steel body and mandrels are available to suit the applicaiton.